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Five-Oh was back last night, but they perhaps should have taken another week off.  Only a mention of Wo-fat. Instead it was about a murder and a cover up. 


Saturday Night Live cast from 1975

I watched Oprah this morning.  Not that I'm an a regular, but she did have Tina Fey, Tracey Morgan, Dana Carvey, Jane Curtain, and Chevy Chase in a salute to SNL.  There were also taped messages from other former castmembers, and lots of highlights.  If you are in Chicago, catch it again at 11 on ABC - 7.

Our other paradise, "Off the Map" had a new episode last week as well.  Dr. Fuller is vexed about his feelings for Dr. Minard.  Meanwhile, she is off with Dr. Keeton to drive the lovely Dr. Clark to the airstrip to get her to New where a new heart awaits. 

They have to take some back roads (pretty funny in a fictitious jungle
country where everything is a back road) because of Holy Week
congestion.  Along the way they find an overturned car where one of the
girls is pinned under the wreck. Dr. Minard stays behind to help.

Dr. Brenner, who has developed a skin rash from the coca leaf, is treating a rookie cop who had a firecracker blow up in his hand, one of the show's good "ick" moments.  The other was a leg that needed a vein graft.

.......Spoiler alert..........

On Five-O, Dan and Steve just happen to be hiking in some backwoods national forest when they stumble upon a dead body.

It turns out that he was a local fisherman, moonlighting at a private airstrip, when he discovered a man trying to sneak his fugitive son out of the country.  The desperate dad it seems, will stop at nothing to save his kid, even if it means killing an innocent man, who found out his plans. 


Hiro and Ando (Masi Oka and Kyson-Lee) in Heroes

The dead man's son looked so familiar, but I couldn't place him.  So I did the usual lookup, and saw that he was played by James Kyson-Lee.  Who you say?

He played Ando Masahashi in sixty-two episodes of "Heroes."  Too bad they couldn't get him in a scene with Max the coroner, who was Hiro Nakamura's sidekick on the same show.

Only one good piece of Dan/Steve dialog, comes from their hike up to see the petroglyphs.

Danno: Your dad used to bring you up here when you were a kid?
Steve: Every year.
D: that would explain a lot.
S: You can take Grace here when she gets a bit older.
D: She's usually want's a manicure and a pedicure. She's not interested in looking at old graffiti on rocks. This is basically child abuse.
S: They're called petroglyphs, Danny, they're called petroglyphs.
D: That is a fancy name for grafitti etched in rocks.
S: You know what, I remember the first time I beat my father to the summit.
D: With all do respect, what wrong with an old fashioned baseball game, Steve, huh.
S: I've never been to a professional baseball game.
D: That doesn't surprise me at all. You know what.  To each his own. We had the Yankees.  You and the old man had a, I don't know...deep sea demolition classes or some thing like that.



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