Pizza, Pizza - Some of your favorite Chicago eateries

What started as a seemingly innocent Facebook post by David Schuster  "Sports updates on B & B this afternoon and then the best pizza in town afterwards,"turned into a full blown discussion of what in fact was the best pizza in Chicago, with fifty-two comments at last glance.

I'll grant you this, the best pizza in the world is in Chicago.  New Yawk-ahs can crow as much as they want about their pizza, but anything that folds on itself like a cheap tent when you pick it up, and lets the cheese slide off like a California mudslide, isn't real pizza.

Looking over all the great comments, it's seemed only appropriate to make a picture gallery of some of the nominations.  My personal favorite is Silo Pizza in Lake Bluff, but in terms of full disclosure, they are an advertiser on our radio shows, they won't be in the gallery.

Red's and Joseph's also got some love.  Did we miss your fave?  Comment below.

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  • Are you insane?

    Di Fara Pizza
    1424 Avenue J
    Brooklyn, NY


  • In reply to gwill:

    Personally, I think Grimaldi's is better, but I'll take any Brooklyn pizza over the garbage here any day!

  • In reply to gwill:

    Giordano's is the best pizza around...(deep dish anyway) and thin crust belongs to home run inn. You NY idiots wouldnt know pizza if it slapped you in the face. NY pizza taste like Bread slopped in grease.

  • In reply to StephanH:

    When I worked over on the West side of town, we used to go regularly to the Home Run Inn. Definitely agree their thin pizza is among the best around.

  • In reply to StephanH:

    hahaha YES on NY pizza... I like NY pizza, but its nothing special, Chicago deep dish is a work of art... and Home Run Inn thin is just perfection

  • In reply to StephanH:

    I can not believe with all this talk about chicago's best pizza that Fasano's on 85th and roberts road and palermo's on 63th and lawndale and 95th and cicero are left off. I have had pizza in all parts of chicago and these two should be on the list.

  • Gigios ftw! a pizza and can o' pop for $3 bucks. Stop by Uptown for some real Chicago pizza
    (twitter @ChicagoRanter)

  • Chicago pizza isn't's cake! And compared to New York pizza, it sucks! OK Chi-town homies, come on out to NYC and taste some real pizza before you dis it! Oh...NYC bagels are better too!

  • lpcdsound..... you hit the nail on the head. Chicago pizza? What is it? Is it deep dish, thin crust? Is it cut into triangle slices or little squares? Chicago doesn't know its own pizza!

    NY pizza is the real deal. Chicago pizza was invented here by a guy from Texas (true story) after WWII..... 5 or 6 decades after New York! Go to just about any NYC pizzaria from a taste of heaven, and you'll understand what I'm talkng about!

    Yes, bagels are better too. So is pastrami, hot dogs, but I will give Chicago steak!!

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