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Finally, it's back for another episode, after what seemed like an eternal Hawaiian vacation.

But first, a quickie "Off The Map" review.  Our two docs - Fuller and Minard had to deal with the awkwardness of life after the drunken hookup, doctor Brenner had to diagnose her ex-boyfriend's mother, but mainly, the episode was about the docs dealing with an outbreak of hepatitis at a local prison, that looked like something out of "Midnight Express."  No Billy Hayes, though there was an American girl there, on a ten year stint for smuggling, who has a romance through concrete with another prisoner who draws her sunset pictures.

Ick moment:  a bunch of dead worms causing an intestinal blockage that lands one of the prisoners in the hospital.

Also today we have a picture gallery of Hawaii Five-O then and now.

Spoiler alert after the jump....

McGarrett comes face to face again Wo Fat, and he's quoting Tony Montana. 

Before all that, though, Five-O must solve the strange murder of a super hero that doesn't fly.  Unfortunately said super hero had a bit too much to drink, and accidentally stumbled upon a thug ransacking someone else's room.  This however does lead our intrepid detectives to solve a years old murder.

A guest appearances by Perrey Reeves (Ari Gold's wife on "Entourage") and Masi Oka returns again.  I love his character.

Also a CIA agent comes to town with info on the murder of Steve's dad.


Inquiring minds want to know and Steve quizzes Danno about his large paper bag.

Steve: Stop, stop. What's in the bag? What's in the bag?
Danno: My lunch, genius!
S: Your lunch, OK. What'd you bring?
D: You gotta know every detail of my life? What's it to you what my lunch is?
S: Cause you don't want to tell me. What's so fantastic? You think I'm gonna steal it? You fly in some deep fried sandwich from New Jersey I'm not allowed to know about?

It turns out it was just a salad as Dan's daughter Grace has him eating healthier.


The real Commander Sisko

#2  At the comic-con, Steve and Dan encounter a man in a Star Trek uniform....

Danno: Captain Kirk, we'd like to ask you a few questions.
Trekker: Commander Sisko
D: Commander Sisko?
T: From DS9 (Deep Space Nine for you non Trek fans, one of the many spinoffs)
D: Ah.
T: You ever see any brothers on the Enterprise?
D: Well....there's one, Uhura.
T: She was a sister, and she answered the phone. I am a commander.



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