My 11 Most Memorable NCAA Tourney Moments (Since 1979)

Earlier today, I watched North Carolina, a #2 seed in the East Region, with the benefit of playing in Charlotte, barely hang on to beat #7 seed Washington, 86-83, in a game in which the Huskies had the opportunity to take a game-winning shot.

Without even completing an NCAA Tournament bracket this year, let alone being in a pool, I can't say I really care who won the game. And honestly, they could have been replaying a game from last year and I wouldn't have known the difference.

But dramatic finishes like this are what I love about the NCAA tourney and what makes it--to me--the third best sporting event of any year, behind the Super Bowl and World Series. (Except when the Bulls or Blackhawks give me a reason to care about the NBA playoffs or Stanley Cup, which hopefully both will this year.)

However, with an alma mater, Northern Illinois University, that is almost never in the tournament and DePaul, a Chicago school whose (relative) success initially excited me about college basketball, having a hard time regaining its luster, lack of a rooting interest combined with no betting interests, has further diminished any real caring about this year's tournament. The ongoing events in Japan and Libya also make it tougher to really get worked up about whether VCU might knock-off Purdue.

Yet, even if my interest isn't as rabid as it once was, this year's tournament will add--to whatever degree--to a lifetime (at least since about age 10) of enjoying "March Madness." And occasional "Sadness," as in 1990 when Bo Kimble of Loyola Marymount (pictured above) shot his first free throw of each LMU tournament game with one hand, to honor his recently passed teammate and friend, Hank Gathers.

So while looking forward to many thrilling moments yet to come, I thought I'd share The 11 NCAA Tournament Moments I Remember Most (Since 1979):


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  • One of your best, Seth. The personal notes add a lot.

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