Midweek Musings

I have republished Seth Arkin's nice article on great finishes in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, because it was kind of buried over the weekend.  With the Sweet Sixteen games coming up tomorrow its a great reminder of why college hoops is so good, (and college football is so stupid!)

Last night was another excellent episode of "The Good Wife."  Drug dealers getting divorced, grand jury subpoenas, and Chicago politics. 


Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump

Finally, ABC aired a made for TV special on the "best" in film in various categories.  The part I caught (to be watched in full later) was on memorable characters.  The had Indiana Jones, Scarlet O'Hara, James Bond, and Hannibal Lechter, with Forrest Gump as number one.  I could think of several off the top of my head that would be better choices.....

John McClain, "Dirty" Harry Callahan, Austin Powers, Jason Bourne, Inspector Cluseau.  If you count villans, Darth Vader is a great character, 

This would make a great top eleven list.  I invite the readers to chime in as well.

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