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Five-Oh was back with another good show last night.


Mamie Gummer from "Off the Map"

Before getting to the recap and quotes, I'll tell you that I also watched last week's episode of "Off the Map."  I'm really beginning to like this show - an offspring of team "Gray's Anatomy" and the forgettable "Private Practice." Just a reminder for those who haven't seen it, three American docs seeking to escape various personal demons go to a unknown Latin American jungle which just so happens to have the tropical version of the "doc in a box."  There several docs also escaping personal demons have set up shop under the auspices of an Australian doctor, who I'll call Doc Aussie.

The show had more good guest stars - Ed Begley, Jr. as a traveling dentist, and Poppa Walton (for those of you old enough to remember) Ralph Waite playing a terminally ill local expat from some European country.  His accent was a little phony for me, but I know he's American.

We found out a little more about Doc Aussie's past, and we learn a little more about blonde doc Mina Minard as she deals with Ralph Waite's true identity.

More about Five -O with spoilers after the jump....

Steve McGarrett does his best Rambo impersonation as he ventures into the jungle to pursue a federal witness gone AWOL after her federal marshal is killed by a hit squad.

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Non-stop action in this A-story.  At the same time Danno goes separately to investigate why his ex-wife and daughter were carjacked at gunpoint.  The "B" story - apparently, husband # 2 was being shaken down by a building commissioner.  So the poor politico got a close encounter of the Dan Williams kind. 

Also we had some nice kick-ass moves from Kono in a fight scene with one of the women in the hit squad.

Body count: 4 confirmed - two poor cops, one marshal, and one from the hit squad. 

Best lines:

Steve: (via cellphone) Danny, what you doing?
Danny: I'm not doing anything.
S: Listen, I may not be able to see you, OK, but I can hear you.  You have a tone.
D: I don't have a tone...I don't have a tone.
S: OK, you say I have a face, you, my friend, you have a tone.  It's a tone that says, I'm gonna hit someone.  So what's going on.

At that point Danny explains what's been going on with the carjacking. The funniest part of that exchange, is that the whole time, McGarrett is in the jungle on a sat phone, trying to hoist the big log he plans to use to disable the guy from the hit squad.

Misc: I watched "127 Hours" and now have only one more movie to watch to see all ten Best Picture flicks.


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