Paradise Found: a Hawaii Five-O and "Off the Map" blog

McGarrett and company were back last night, this time in pursuit of high seas kidnappers.

But first, we'll visit the other tropical paradise, the unnamed South American country in "Off the Map" that looks remarkably like Oahu.  I'm still waiting for them to stumble upon Hurley or Jack Shephard from "LOST."

In last week's episode our brave doctors had to save the life of a trapped scuba diver by cutting of her leg, a script right out of the movie "127 Hours," which by the way is quite a good film.  Also, Dr. Lilly Brenner's mystery man turns up at the clinic shot, and she has to decide what to do when they discover he is wanted by the police.  One of Dr. Alvarez's suitors also turns up with worms that have to be removed using some unconventional therapy, all the while making Dr. Cole a bit jealous.  This show does have its "ick" factor.  It also has its share of hotties.  The newest is Aimee Garcia, who plays Alma, the daughter of the local barkeeps, who has caught the eye of Dr. Fuller.

Check out our photo gallery of the show's hotties.

The Five-O recap after the jump (spoiler alert.)

Last night's body count - four - the boat captain, a hijacker, a hostage, and the mastermind, played by guest star Nick Lachey.  His real life girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo guest stars as the first mate, the only survivor of a kidnapping by a gang of pirates.

Five-O takes the case and begins to investigate, however its turns out that someone is making the case look like the work of local gangs.  

In a nice setup, McGarrett uses a live grenade to gain entrance into the back room of a pawn shop that has ties to the gangs.

Having seen a number of the episodes, I figured out that the first mate being left aboard was a ruse.  Fortunately, so did McGarrett.  

It was nicely paced, good action, a nice twist in that the kidnappers killed one of the hostages.  Not that I want to see innocent victims die, but at least it showed a bit of realism, that not every story has a happy ending, although the other nineteen kids were rescued.

Best lines:

At the beginning, Steve and Dan are showed pushing Steve's Dad's old car up a hill.

Danno: Another twenty feet, I'm going to be in traction!
Steve: You want to steer?
D: Do I wanna steer? No, I want to continue to push this three ton hunk of metal in ninety-five degree weather? That's what I wanna do. Yes, I'll steer, thank you.
Nine miles, nine miles! You've been working on your dad's old wreck for six months and you get nine miles out of it!
S: This is a classic car, and classic cars are temperamental, OK, just like you.
D: No, that's an excuse.  An excuse for poor automobile maintenance, my friend.  This is a car. It's not temperamental.  When a product stops working, you get another one.  You understand?
S: What happened to you? Where's your sentimental side?
D: I don't have a sentimental side, and if I did, it'd be reserved for humans beings, not dopey machines.
S: Classic machines
D: Yeah, I know, one person's machine is another person's scrap metal.
S: Well thank you very much, Socrates!

In another great exchange, they are at the beach waiting for local source of info (and occasional comic relief (Kamekona) as Danno is stretching out his ailing back.

Steve: It's looks like you're doing "downward dog," but I know you don't do yoga.
Danno: That's funny.  I'm stretching because my back hurts. You know why my back hurts? I'll tell you why, because I spent the morning pushing a car down the highway.
S: Where I come from that's called good exercise.
D: Really? Where's that? Krypton? 'Cause where I come from that's called a worker's comp settlement!



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