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Zach Guilford and Cheech Marin

This week on "Off The Map" our intrepid doctors in paradise were the victims of a robbery that saw the clinic looted of all its pharmaceuticals, including those needed for a life saving surgery.  Dr. Otis offered to go into the jungle and score some smack, while they waited for resupplies. Dr. Keeton reluctantly agreed, so long as he took someone with him.  Cole chose Dr. Minard. In the meantime, Keeton went ahead with the surgery, only to have the spinal block wear off, just as Cole and Minard returned.

Dr. Fuller had to deal with a case of viral meningitis so he went back to see Dr. Cheech (Marin) the medicine man, who did some voodoo, sprinkled some herbs, and waved what looked like a giant fatty over Fuller's patient.  Then Fuller had to go confront his new girlfriend's father, who was about three times his size.

Five -O update, with spoilers, after the jump.

A creepy voice tells a judge to say goodbye to his daughter as she heads down a zipline.  Then wham, an explosion goes off, and the zipline snaps, and the daughter falls to her death, one of two of last night's body count.  The other was the deputy prosecutor's son.


Dane Cook

We have a mad bomber on the loose as Five-O tries to figure out which of the knuckle heads threatening the judge is getting people "blow'd up."

The B-story involves the introduction of guest star Dane Cook as Danny's brother, a successful (or so we think) hedge fund manager.  He apparently is under investigation by the feds, and poor law abiding Danno is thrust in the middle.

Of course the big who done it is trying to catch the bomber before he finds victim number three.

It was a good story, with great pacing, but afterward I was trying to get my head around how the bomber could have know the itinerary of his victims, and planted the explosive charges without being seen.  Oh well, it's just television.  It doesn't have to make sense.

Only one tidbit of good dialogue:

Steve and Danno at the Hilton Hawaiian Village....

Danno: You know I really appreaciate this escort through the Hilton. I'm just stopping to pick up [daughter] Grace.
Steve: It's no big deal. Besides, I wanna meet your brother.
D: Well, be warned, Mr. Wall Street has quite the personality...
S: Runs in the family.
D: .....disorder. Personality disorder.



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