11 Films That Should Have Won "Best Picture" According To Chicago Film Buff Brad Strauss


I (Seth) am very much looking forward to the Academy Awards tomorrow night. I have seen virtually all the movies in all the major categories, have shared my opinions & predictions here and will be watching the telecast at an Oscar party along with other members of the Chicago Film Discussion Meetup Group.

There is no doubt in my mind that "The Social Network" was the best movie I saw from last year and while I hope to one day discover a little-known gem from Brazil or Finland or Japan that may reveal itself to truly be--IMHO--the best picture of 2010, I firmly believe David Fincher & Aaron Sorkin's masterpiece deserves to take home the great golden phallic symbol.

But I am far less certain that it will.

You see, the Academy voters don't always get it right. Of course, the results of any subjective competition are never going to make everyone happy--heck, even objective ones leave room for discontent; I still don't believe the Packers were the best team in football--but ardent movie buffs particularly like to kvetch about Oscar nominees and winners.

Last Saturday, I posted on Booth Reviews "My 11 Favorite Non-Oscar Nominated Performances from 2010 Movies." This weekend, the Oscars again seem like too obvious a topic to avoid, but I thought I'd pull in some outside counsel.

And so I give you--keeping with the Booth Reviews tradition of "ours go to 11"--a list of Films That Should Have Won Best Picture (but didn't) according to my friend, Brad Strauss, who is one of the organizers of the above-mentioned Film Discussion Meetup. I particularly enjoy our Sunday morning Discussion Brunches, which Brad often moderates. If in the Chicago area, you should sign up for the next one--a dissection of Scorsese on March 27--and join us.

All the choices and commentary in the slide show below are Brad's. As to whether or not I agree in full, well, that's what these lists are for, right?

(See Wikipedia for a full list of Best Picture nominees and winners, though some of Brad's alternate choices weren't even nominated.)



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  • Taxi Driver was not better than Rocky, agree on Cuckoo's Nest not winning, but Jaws was epic and shoulda won. Good picks, esp Raiders!

  • Nashville was a very good movie, but Cuckoo's Nest is an all time classic. One of Nicholson's top three performances.

  • To make it an even dozen: 1983--The Right Stuff should have won; Terms of Endearment did.

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