Song Of The Day - "When Did You Stop Loving Me, When Did I Stop Loving You" by Marvin Gaye

By Eric Berman

This one comes from one of the most emotionally devastating records ever recorded, the 1978 divorce album "Here, My Dear." During the 1970s, Gaye laid his soul bare for all to partake in on behalf of the world with his 1971 masterpiece "What's Going On." In 1974, he took us to the erotic zone with one of the most sexual albums ever released, "Let's Get It On." But nothing would prepare fans for the four sides of "Here, My Dear." Stemming from the painful proceedings that led to his divorce from Motown head Berry Gordy's daughter Anna, Gaye was court-ordered to part with royalties from his next album release as a form of alimony. Rather than record a chart-topping collection of fun-filled soulful hits, he delivered a musically intricate, play-by-play of his marriage, infidelities and all, with nothing left to the imagination. Anna Gaye considered suing Gaye for invasion of privacy upon its release. In retrospect, the record stands as one of Gaye's very best. From pain comes great art once again!


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