Paradise Lost - a Hawaii Five-O blog

Paradise Lost - a Hawaii Five-O blog

Mark Dacascos as Wo Fat

Our heroes returned from Christmas break with an episode that nearly made me fall out of my easy chair.

Before getting to the recap, I'll throw in another editorial on the absurdness of watching a college game that used to be on New Year's Day - on an Monday, after the last day of NFL football. 

It was exciting for 30 minutes, which was about the time I cranked up the Netflix and watched 1982's "Blade Runner" with my son, who's days away from going back to college for the spring semester.  I  have been showing him some classic movies during his break, such as "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," which will have a separate write up.  I was curious how this sci-fi/film noir stood the test of time.  Ironically, it takes place in 2019, which doesn't seem so far away now.   It was still pretty relevant.  I had forgotten that James Edward Olmos (Battlestar Galactica, Miami Vice) was a co-star.  I was fun to watch, especially at two product placements that aren't even around anymore - Pan Am Airways and Atari.

OK, now for the recap, with spoilers......
We begin with McGarrett getting attacked in his house by three well prepared thieves, who take the now famous toolbox, with Dad's investigation into Mom McGarrett's murder.

Next, we find out that sister Mary gets kidnapped, and we get one of Danno's  best lines of the night.

Steve: Something's wrong!
Danno: Do me a favor, please will you not go there.  You don't anything.  Maybe she went out last night. Maybe she got a little goofy and she's sleeping it off; and let me be honest about something.  If first thing in the morning, I see your face pop on my phone, I might not answer it either.

But of course Steve is right, and his sister was grabbed by the same goons, one of whom lost a tooth in the process, which is more than we can say for Navy SEAL Steve who got hit by a taser.  He gets offered ice by Danno, who admits to being tased with the second gem of the show -  "Yes, I've been popped with a stun gun.  Hoboken, Halloween '02.  It's a long story. I don't wanna tell you right now."

First of all, I'd like to ask the writers why we should believe that a couple of semi-professional thugs would kidnap and bound someone, without checking to make sure she didn't have a phone on her.

Secondly, I'm going to believe that a major gangster would go through the famous toolbox, leave fingerprints, and then simply have it thrown into the trash.  Sorry, I'm not buying that one either.

In the end, Five-O thinks they have a suspect in the Nashimuri's brother, only to find out he is killed in a car accident we don't see.

The best part, of course, is that McGarrett comes face to face with Wo Fat, even if he doesn't know yet that Fat is his nemesis.

The body count - four:  two kidnappers, the attempted shooter and Koju the ex-cop.

However, this episode was a bit disappointing in that it stretched by belief with the sloppy writing, but is still better than your average night time drama.

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