Monday Morning QB

Monday Morning QB

Ah, the last weekend of "vacation" for many, but the second week of my convalescence.  That meant more TV and video watching.  It also means many of the regular shows return for their spring runs, including the laughable sci-fi show "V" on ABC.  They should call it "U" for


unbelievable that four people can take on an armed and trained bunch of aliens.  Hawaii 5-O returns as well, so "Paradise Found" returns on Tuesdays.

I also saw two DVD movies.  One was excellent - "Salt"  with Angelina Jolie as a female version of Jason Bourne.  It was fast paced, action filled, and totally intense - a triple - three stars.  The other one was a total dud.  "Date Night" has a good premise, a case of mistaken identity, where a suburban couple end up on the wrong end of a blackmail attempt by two of the most inept criminals ever.  The acting was lame, the script was awful, and most of the plot was hardly believable.  Skip this one - one star - single for a few good jokes, most of which were in the trailer.

On the television front, I got caught up on the current episodes of "Men
of a Certain Age."  Since I am of that "certain" age, I can relate to
this show, but anyone can relate as well to the trails and tribulations
of three regular guys approaching the big Five-Oh.  One of the best bits
is when Ray Romano discovers his teenage daughter is having sex. 
That's any father's nightmare. 

Lastly, I watched one or two good football games along with some pretty
lame football.  I sure miss the days when all the good bowl games were
on Mondays. 


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  • i watched salt this weekend too and it's funny you call out v for being unbelievable but you loved salt which was off the rails unbelievable. i fell off my coach laughing watching angelina's 'running' form that looked like a 6th grade girl running a field days race. too funny.

  • In reply to dubsdread18:

    Salt was no less believable than the Bourne Trilogy, although I will grant you that the truck jumping was a bit much.

  • I think you've missed the point with "V" How many sci-fi shows have you seen that are believable? The nature of sci-fi is to go in with suspended beliefs for ultimate enjoyment. I think "V" is a well acted, gripping sci-fi advernture and I look forward to its return on Tuesday...

  • In reply to EricB:

    How about "Battlestar Galactica" or "Firefly" for series that are a bit more "believable" and for the record, were much better acted. How is it that are heroine can take so much time from work and her kid and NO one gets suspicious? I'll lots more after tonight's season premiere.

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