Glee: 11 Reasons to Love It or Hate It


Heather Morris as Brittany Pierce

At tonight's Golden Globes one program is sure to pick up a statuette or two. The Fox drama about a high school glee club has turned into a iTunes juggernaut, and renewed interest in many a classic rock and pop oldies but goodies.

I've only seen about eight season one, and three season two episodes, but I've already heard Journey, the Supremes, Billy Joel, Bob Marley, and quite a few other nuggets getting the Glee treatment.  Their attempt to do the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" brought back memories of midnight movies, rice, and costumed movie goers.

This has been a subject of some debate with Eric Berman (lpcdsounds) who writes the "Song of the Day" segment for this blog.  I challenged him to give me five reasons why he doesn't like the show.  I countered with six good reasons to tune in.

Eric says: 5 Reasons Why I Hate Glee:

1. They murder classic songs.
2. They murder really bad songs.
3. The annoying ringing class bell that signals a new scene.
4. Lea Michelle as Rachel Berry
5. Gleeks


Jane Lynch

Steve says: 6 Reasons Why I Like Glee:

1.    They do some great send ups of classic songs
2.    Hear newer pop songs that I might not otherwise listen to
3.    Jane Lynch is a terrific "villain" as Sue Sylvester
4.    Hot, hot, hot cherios: Quinn, Brittany, and Santana
5.    watching people get slushy facials
6.    Lea Michelle's (Rachel)  voice

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