The Top Eleven Movies of 2010

by David Schuster and Steven Leventhal

The calendar year still has a few weeks left and there are some movies that are either just opening or still to come, but we have compiled your list of best flicks (up to now) for 2010. Just opening or about to open are: The Tourist, The Fighter, Rabbit Hole and True Grit to name a few.

David says: I know that Steve would agree with the top three as all of them were on his list. I loved "Social Network" and it was the best movie I have seen to date but "Shutter Island" and Inception failed to meet expectations for me. Either way Leonardo DiCaprio shot back to the top of the movie world in 2010. Overall this had to be the weakest year for top movies in a long long time. The summer was rotten and it only finally got better once the leaves started turning brown. Here's hoping that 2010 ends strong and continues that way in 2011.

Steve says:  The voters mostly got it right.  However, the list tends to skew more towards flicks that are still in theaters.  For that reason "Get Him To The Greek" which was the best comedy of the year probably didn't make the cut.  Anyways, the voters have spoken, so here we go


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  • I guess all the black actors look the same? Do your homework the actor from the expendables is Terry Crews, the picture you have is from academy award winner Forrest Withtaker.

  • In reply to ragg:

    Good catch. The offending image has been switched with an official pic.

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