Monday Morning QB - King's Speech and Easy A

Monday Morning QB - King's Speech and Easy A

I finally got a chance to see "The King's Speech" over the weekend.  David reviewed this movie last week calling it, "a wonderful story with fantastic performances and I was mesmerized by it." He was, as the Brits like to say "spot on" with his review.  There were no action scenes, yet there was plenty of tension.  It wasn't a comedy, yet there were quite a few laughs.  It is the kind of movie that Oscar loves, so it probably will beat out my favorite "The Social Network."  If you are a Harry Pottter fan, there are several Potter alums in the movie, from Helena Bonham Cater (Bellatrix Lastrange) to Michael Gambon (Dumbledore) and Timothy Spall (Wormtail) who plays an up and coming Winston Churchill.

As someone who works in the broadcast business, it was fascinating to look at all the old radio equipment, and how much was needed to produce a broadcast, back in the days of radio's infancy.

As I continue my recovery from some surgery to repair a torn shoulder ligament, I have been watching a lot of videos.  One of those was the DVD release of "Easy A" with Emma Stone, and a cast of many.

One of the best parts of this release is the DVD commentary with Stone and director Will Gluck.  Among the tidbits from the commentary: You will notice the placements of oranges in many scenes throughout the movie; it was filmed at a real high school in Ojai, CA, using students as extras, and how Penn Badgley commuted back and forth between shooting the movie and his regular gig on "Gossip Girl." It also has a great gag reel and footage from Emma Stone's audition.  Stone is an up and coming actress with notable recent performances in "Superbad" and "Zombieland."  She is only 21, with a great career to look forward to.

The other movie I watched was "Adam." It was one of those movies that we saw in the ubiquitous trailers that come with all the rental movies.  For some reason, the trailer caught my eye and I added it to the Netflix cue.  It is about a man with Asperger's Syndrome, the kind of autism that allows one to function in society, albeit with a good deal of social awkwardness.   After the death of his father he meets a young teacher who moves into his apartment building a falls for her.  Hugh Darcy plays Adam, and Rose Byrne plays Beth, the teacher.  It didn't dawn on me until about halfway through that Byrne was Jackie Q from "Get Him to the Greek."  She was about 180 degrees from that wild character and gives a great performance in "Adam."  Darcy is phenomenal as the title character.  It was a really good picture, but something to see if you want to watch a great character study.  Peter Gallagher (The O.C., Rescue Me, and American Beauty) and Amy Irving (Alias, Crossing Delancey - and the former Mrs. Steven Spielberg) co star.

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