Yikes, I Watched an Episode of "Glee"


Yes, I'll admit it, my daughter allowed me to watch with her last night's episode of "Glee."  It's the third one I've seen.  She got me to watch one from last season because the kids sing "Hello, I Love You" by The Doors, one of my favorite bands.

Also, I saw one from two weeks ago, because they did songs from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," a movie that TiVo or DVR's can't do justice to.  I saw it thirty years ago (more than once) at the midnight movies, where the crowd sang along, threw rice, toast, and lit matches as part of the unique audience participation that made the RHPS such a special event.

I won't bore you with the plot details, because the story lines are so inane. 

They have a guy in a wheelchair playing football.  Please don't tell me this could happen for real.
the most ironic thing about the show - the kids love it - but most of
the songs (not all, but most) are from my generation.  As I explained to
my daughter, the hitmaker theory.  If it was a hit once, make a cover
version, it can be a hit again. 

The show credits include Kevin McHale - no, not the former Celtics forward, but the kid in the wheelchair.

Here were the songs from last night:

"One Love" - Bob Marley 

"Teenage Dream" - Katy Perry (I had to get help on that one from my daughter.)

Mashup: "Start Me Up" Rolling Stones and "Livin' On A Prayer" by Bon Jovi -  who hasn't heard that one at a stadium or arena lately.  However, the girls looked really hot in the leather outfits for that one.

Mashup: "Stop in the Name of Love" - the Supremes, and "Free Your Mind" - En Vogue

The promos for next week have Gwyneth Paltrow guesting.  Yummy!

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  • Unfortunately I have been forced to endure quite a few episodes of this inane show by my family who for some reason love it. I am to the point where I resent them murdering classic songs and then having the nerve to release their far inferior version on CDs. I do like the tone of the comedy...but please...they really ruin all of the music they touch.

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