Paradise Found - a Hawaii Five-O blog

Paradise Found - a Hawaii Five-O blog

Dichen Lachman guest stars in this week's episode

Monday night's episode struck a nice balance between the great banter and some good action. 

Danno's old partner on the force turns up dead in what appears to be a murder at the hands of a drug cartel.

Spoiler alert: continue to the jump only if you've seen this episode, or don't care and must read my insightful analysis.
Danno refuses to believe his partner could be a dirty cop, and while the investigation gets a little personal, he ferrets out the truth.

Dichen Lachman guest stars as the widow of the slain officer.  She played Sierra on "Dollhouse,"  a Joss Whedon show (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly.)  Danno should definitely circle back to visit her, after the traditional Hawaiian mourning period is over.  Hot stuff!

Body count: Six, including the police officer, four goons and the drug cartel leader.

Best lines:
McGarrett: (After a heated discussion) I'm glad you're not a hothead.

McGarrett: (After Danno straps a suspect [Bronson Pinchot] to the hood of his car for a joyride) If I pulled something like this you'd probably be reading me the riot act.
Danno: No, I'd just arrest you.

McGarreett: I came to ask you a question.
Danno: Well, if it's for the prom, I already have a date. (Hopefully with Dichen Lachman.)

Another good episode.  Aloha, McGarrett.

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