Paradise Found - a Hawaii Five-0 Blog

Paradise Found - a Hawaii Five-0 Blog

Grace Park as Kono

Last night's episode was entitled "Heihei," which means to run swiftly, as in to race.

The Five-0 team is baffled when thieves steal an armored car, shooting three guards, and leaving one behind for dead, and then dump everything, including the money, into the water.

Yet another thrilling episode, more witty banter, and Grace Park in a nice, tight bikini bottom.

Also, we finally get to meet Danno's ex, Rachel.

Alert: spoilers after the jump

Body count: Two, one severely injured.  It looked like we were on the way to a nice bloodbath, but that was it for the killing, although the chase scene at the end was cool, the way that the detective captured the thieves.

A nice interrogation scene with our boys piling on free weights to a suspect working out, while not spotting him.  Also,  Taylor Willy, who plays the shaved ice mogul Kamekono, steals a few scenes at the beginning .  Savvy viewers will recognize him as "Kemo" the bartender in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

Best lines:

McGarrett: Who can outrun an elevator hand over hand?
Danno: Other than you?

Danno: (As McGarrett is improvising a fingerprint detection kit) Steve the science guy is back.

Danno: I had a thought....
McGarrett: don't hurt yourself.

Rachel (Dan's ex, brushing his shoulder) You had a rather large chip there. 

We also get the story of how the bickering exes met.

The thieves are very cleverly pulling a diversion and creating an alibi, so as not to get caught. 
Kudos to the writers for creating a nice twist on a jewelry heist story.

Aloha, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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