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First, my apologies more not writing much this past week or so.  I have been working on several projects, many of which I hope to share with our readers soon.  Also, the baseball playoffs kept me busy as I did some freelance work for the New York Post.  Now that the Yankees have been vanquished (which I'm sure is good news to many of you) It frees up a little more time to watch network television.  I haven't even seen a movie in the theater since I saw "The Town" about ten days ago.  I thought it was very good.  Ben Affleck did a terrific job both in front and behind the camera. 

However, this story is not about that movie, it's about the Hawaii Five-O reboot on CBS.  In this writer's humble opinion, the series continues to carry it's original momentum forward, the best part being the chemistry between Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams (Danno.) 

The rest of this story contains spoilers about last week's episode, "Nalowale."
 So don't read past the jump if you still want to watch the episode.  The title "Paradise Found" is a play on the blog I used to author about the show "Lost."

The episode starts with the discovery of the body of the daughter of the US Ambassador to the Philippines.  The wife is a friend of the governor (Jean Smart) who calls in McGarrett and the Five-O team to solve the mystery and find the other daughter.

Along the way, the team bust a white slavery/prostitution ring, and finds out that kidnapping target was not the daughter, but a trap for the ambassador. 

Body count:  4, including the daughter, two terrorists, and one from the prostitution gang.

We also get introduced to coroner Max Bergman, a rather eccentric medical examiner, who among other things, plays piano in the morgue to help him think more clearly.  He is played by Masi Oka (Hiro from "Heroes") who adds another wacky character to the mix.

Wood Harris ("The Wire," Julius from "Remember the Titans") also guests stars as a specialist in kidnap and ransom cases.

McGarrett actually gets to bang his lady friend from Naval Intelligence who he is always asking for a satellite to snoop on the bad guys.

Once again Scott Caan delivers the best lines in the show.

Some samples: (All directed to McGarrett)

"You almost appeared to be happy."
"I'm sure you have your moments, like when "Guns and Ammo" comes out with their holiday gift guide."

 They even have a discussion about computers where they argue about who was better at Pac-Man. That was funny stuff.

Like all television these days, everything seems to get wrapped up each show.  There is some carryover with McGarrett's sister and the things she finds in the toolbox his dad left behind with the items from his last investigation.

This is by far the best of the new TV shows this year.  Aloha, McGarrett.

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