Episode Reviews - Undercovers and Hawaii 5-0

Episode Reviews - Undercovers and Hawaii 5-0

Hawaii 5-0 continues to get better each week.  On the other hand "Undercovers," the spy drama from "LOST" producer J.J. Abrams needs to be deep-sixed. 


Undercovers, simply under performs

I rarely write about movies or shows that are bad, preferring to take the high road when it comes to doling out praise, and simply ignoring things I dislike. 

I'll make an exception in this case. This show is so bad, I can't believe that Abrams and his Bad Robot team have anything to do with it.  These agents need a burn notice.  I kept waiting for it to get better as I watched the pilot.  The premise was good enough.  Two former spies, now married, and running their own catering business get recruited to track down a missing agent.

However, this program started out lame, and never improved,  The dialogue was weak, the acting was downright pathetic,  the action scenes were few and far between.

Contrast that to the new Hawaii 5-0, where the dialogue is great, the acting is strong, and the action is non-stop.  If you haven't seen episode two, you may not want to read on as the next section contains show spoilers.


Caan and O'Laughlin have the goods in Hawaii 5-0

TiVoGirl and I used to have fun tracking the body counts and humorous bits in "24" last season.  Hawaii 5-0 seems to be a good vehicle to try to do something similar this fall.

Episode 2:  Premise - former NSA agent gets kidnapped by Serbian thugs who want to sell his super secret "skeleton key" password encryption bypass device to some foreign buyers.

Body count: eight - 2 security guards, 3 thugs, 2 foreign buyers, 1 Serbian badass chick

Funny bits:

A family with a small kid trapped in elevator with 5-0 team as they chase thug

McGarrett starts to fiddle with the computer equipment and Danno says, "good, you just put a blip in the Matrix!"

Great lines, almost always courtesy of Scott Caan's Danno:

Danno: "I don't want to fit in. I want to look like I'm from the mainland."

McGarrett: "This is densely layered ballistic glass, laminated onto a shield of resilient polycarbonate."
Danno: "Why can't you just say bullet proof? How hard is that?"

Danno: "If a suspect dies, he no longer has the ability to speak."

Danno: "We are partners, so if you are going to be the shoot first and ask questions later type of guy, I want to be consulted first, so I know when to duck."

McGarrett: Book 'em Danno!"
Danno: " that going to be your thing now?"
McGarrett: "It's catchy"

The two are developing great chemistry, unlike the couple in "Undercovers" who have zero chemistry.

This episode even had a good catfight between Kona (Grace Park) and the Sebian badass chick.

Also check out the following videos of the opening credits and see how much the new show pays homage to the original.

Now check out the 2010 reboot.

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