Shameless Plug - Weekend Sports Report


The Grobber with Vin Scully

When someone at the bank wishes me a nice weekend, I have to chuckle and respond, "A weekend, what's that?" That's because I spend every Saturday trading barbs and jibes with legendary sportscaster Les Grobstein.

If you are a sports radio fan in Chicago (or are a Chicagoan in exile) I don't doubt for a second that you haven't heard of the "Grobber."  He's been covering sports and opining on the airwaves since I was in junior high.  And I've been in this business for nearly twenty years, and am an aging baby boomer.  Dwight Eisenhower was a lame duck President when I was born.

Never short on opinions (just mention preseason football or NHL Commissioner Betman to get him started,) he is just about the most entertaining thing on the radio these days.  (I'm also a big fan of Dan McNeil.)

He does an overnight show on the Score 670, but if you aren't working the third shift or a night owl, you can still hear his famous rants on Saturday mornings on WKRS, an AM outlet in Waukegan, IL.  But if 7 AM CT that morning isn't your cup of tea either, catch the podcast on which is usually posted by 9 AM CT.  Yours truly and Alison Moran round out the lineup.  A chump from Cheeseland named "Packer" Dave also joins the ensemble most Saturdays to talk about (as Les puts it) the "Mustard and Relish."

So please check it out and if you like it, tell a few hundred of your best friends.



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