New Feature - Song of the Day

New Feature - Song of the Day

This new contribution comes from my co-hort Eric, who shall be known going forward by his nom de plume, lpcdsounds.  To wit, today's entry -

"Ambulance Blues" by Neil Young from the 1974 masterpiece "On The Beach." You're all not going to like this one bit. Back before Neil became self-important...stopped making viable records...became more concerned with the sound quality of his records rather than the quality of the music in to over-charge for concert appearances, there was some great music and an artist we could all believe in. Even his 1980s albums, which were challenging to say the least, came off as honest and gave us a picture of where Neil was at during the time. While always a mercurial sort, today Neil comes off aloof and so holier than thou I can barely look at him anymore...not that he's much to look at anyway. That said, I've paid $150 for a ticket to see Neil several times over the last few years and he was great in concert. It's just that Neil stopped talking to his audiences and now just talks at them. Maybe by caring so much I'm making him more important than he wants.....



In other music-related items tonight's Psychedelic Time Warp is an all-bootleg show. Catch a Neil Young cover by Los Lobos, "The Musical Box" from from a 1972 Genesis concert recorded by the BBC, some classic Zappa, and a lot more.

Okemos Brewing Company tonight at 10 PM ET/ 9 CT, Sunday at 10 AM ET/ 9 CT

Zecom Radio - The Choice  Saturday at 9 PM ET/ 8 PM CT

Finally, an interesting tidbit from a conversation with my brother earlier this week:

David: Do you watch "Entourage?"

Me: Yes

David: Did you see last weekend's episode.

Me: Sure

David: Did you hear the song that played during the closing credits?

Me: Actually I did.  I remember it because it had some crude lyrics.

David: It was from our cousin Jared.

Me: Really?

David: Yes.  It sounded familiar, because they had played it for me once before, so I went back and rewatched that part, and sure enough, it was the same song.

It seems that my first cousin's son, has a record deal with Interscope.  This is his first single.  My aunt confirmed it yesterday.  Apparently he's been flying from his base in New York to Miami and LA to meet with industry people and record songs with various producers. 

He goes by the stage name Jared Evan, and here is his website. 

This is the song "I'm In Love With You" as it appears in the end credit of "Entourage."   Good luck to you, kid!



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