Monday AM QB - The Emmys and "Did You Hear About the Morgans?"

Monday AM QB - The Emmys and "Did You Hear About the Morgans?"

It's time again for some Monday morning armchair quarterbacking.



Sofia Vergara from "Modern Family" winner Best Comedy

If you didn't watch the Emmy's last night, you missed some fun stuff.  A very good  opening had host Jimmy Fallon and featuring the cast of "Glee" plus Tina Fey, Betty White, John Hamm (Mad Men,) Jorge Garcia (LOST,) and even (ugh) Kate Gosselin that was a Glee-style version of Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run."

There were some great bits including a sketch where the network tried to tweak with "Modern Family."  Ricky Gervais was by far the best presenter.  Fallon was ok as host.  I wasn't thrilled about his bits in the audience with the guitar, but his tributes to the end of dramas "24," "Law and Order," and "LOST" was very clever.  Another nice touch was using comedian John Hodgman (also known as the Bill Gates character from the "Mac vs PC" commercials.)


He had a number of witty introduction for the awards winners.

George Clooney is quite the sport.  He was also honored for his humanitarian work. He gave a nice speech.

"Modern Family" won for Best Comedy Series.  "Mad Men" won for Best Drama. Jim Parsons ("Big Bang Theory")won for Best Actor - Comedy and Bryan Cranston ("Breaking Bad") took the top honors for Drama.  Edie Falco ("Nurse Jackie") and Kyra Sedgewick, also known as Mrs. Kevin Bacon("The Closer") took home the statues for Lead Actress in Comedy and Drama respectively.

The Academy seems to be about a year out of step - witness Jim Parsons, who should have won last year, so I figure that Julianna Margulies is owed her honor in 2011.

For the complete list of all winners (I didn't mention the miniseries since most of you probably don't watch them, with the possible exception of the World War II stuff, and then on video) you can go to the Emmy's home page.

Lastly, with a lot of sports on my plate over the weekend - one Bears and one White Sox game, I only got to see one movie.  It was "Did You Hear About the Morgan's" with Sara Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant.  It was like "Sex in the City" meets lost in the wilderness.  As you probably saw in the trailer, it was a couple who witness a murder and have to go into the witness protection program.  This was a great opportunity to do a good "fish out of water" genre story.  Ultimately it fails to deliver on most of its potential.  You saw several of the best lines in the trailer.  The only good one left in the film was when Merle Morgan (Parker) says to Paul Morgan (Grant) "I'm out of bullets" to which Paul replies, "Something I never expected to hear you say." 

In fact about the only good thing in this movie was the soundtrack. It has songs from the Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, and Stevie Wonder among others.  Skip this one all together unless you have an 1:45 to kill and nothing else is one.  My rating - a ground rule double - two stars, and I am being generous, but only because the music was great.

Coming up later this week.  Sexiest Movie and TV creatures, hopefully I can finish the exellent book I'm reading "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead," a facinating biography of Warren Zevon, songs of the day and more.

Finally I had a nice chuckle this morning at the sight of this email:

Brett Favre (@BrettF4) is now following your tweets (@radiomogul) on Twitter. Of course it wasn't the real Favre, but it was funny noetheless.

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