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by TiVoGirl

This episode was very, very disturbing to me.  I know Jack Bauer's character, having followed him throughout the eight season run of "24."  He's better than that.  In all those years, he did what he had to do, and could always justify it, but never like in the last two episodes.  I know that some of you guys probably loved the fact that he got "all medieval" on Pavel, the Russian assassin.  But let's face it,  Bauer is a broken man.  He is so full of anger over Renee Walker's death that he pumped two rounds point blank into Dana Walsh, and he ripped Pavel a new one, literally.  The writers have stripped him of all sanity, and he has become utterly focused on avenging Renee's death and exposing the cover-up.  It appears that he's using the cover-up as an excuse to avenge Walker. 

The interesting thing is that Jack has had stronger relationships with other women over the course of the show.  For instance, his wife Terri, from season one, Audrey Raines from seasons four and five, and even Nina Meyers, who he had an affair with.  But perhaps Jack saw Renee as a someone with a shared tortured past with whom he could start his new, post CTU life, and now that's not happening.

Consider this exchange between Jack and Jim Ricker (Michael Madsen) the
guy helping him on the outside.

Ricker: Tell me exactly what's going on

Bauer: The Russians took something from me.  Her name was Renee
Walker,  They
killed her inside my apartment.  I need to make them pay.

Either way, as Cole so aptly stated during his conversation with Chloe

"He doesn't give a damn about any cover up. He's taking out anyone who
was anywhere near Renee's death.  Starting with Dana.  She gave him the
evidence.  He killed her anyway. "

"There are no good guys here...Jack , Pillar.  They end up killing each
other, maybe its the best thing."

"Everybody wants me on their side.  Who am I fighting for?"

So Jack sets up a trap, kills four Russian agents, and he takes Meredith
Reed, while Ricker captures Pavel.  The show ends with Jack giving
Pavel a real gut check, as he retrieves the memory card and discovers
that ex-President Logan has been in contact with Pavel.

Best Line:  Cole (to Pillar)  So you're part of the cover up?

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