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by TivoGirl

So - Jack Bauer meets Darth Vader - that's all I could think of when I saw the mask. Or for those of you Literature majors - "The Count of Monte Cristo."

I am absolutely hating this season right now and especially this episode - they have taken all of Jack's humanity away and he really is just a "crazed" person out for vengeance.  The only true way to end is to have him die - but not sure how this will end.


Gregory Itzin and Cherry Jones as Presidents Logan and Taylor - courtesy Fox Television

Gregory Itzin was amazing as Charles Logan - he should be nominated for an Emmy.  Loved Charles Logan being so afraid of Bauer - it was almost comical.

I get the impression that President Taylor "will fall on the sword" and take responsibility for everything that happened.  Logan said  she was " the beacon of righteousness" for the country.

Jack said he wasn't planning on coming back - he has said this many times over the last eight seasons, but this time it seems for real.

Not sure how many bodies - Chloe indicated Bauer  was just shooting to wound and it did appear that only the four Novokovich bodyguards were killed.  Jack really sent a message though, by impaling the Russian minister with a fire poker.  Does he know his Russian history - Vlad the Impaler?
Loved that Arlo told Chloe he was sending her Richter's address as he was sitting right next to her. 

Best line: Chloe to Cole: Are you coming or would you rather wait for Federal prosecution?

Second best line: "Nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal"  - a great description of Jack Bauer now.

Next to last episode of LOST tonight.  Bummer.


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  • The end to this seasons 24 has been fantastic! Early season was pathetic, everything was very predictable and formulaic. Its been the problem with 24 the past few years because they've been recycling plot lines.

    Once Logan entered the picture the entire season has been re-energized. I personally dig the fact that Jack is completely out of control. We've seen Jack in some low places and very crazed at times. Now, Jack will do anything and everything to gain vengeance and to expose the President's lies. Is it a bit extreme? Probably, but that's what makes it fun.

    I'd be surprised if Jack dies as there has been talk about a series of 24 movies. Then again, they could kill him off and just make prequels.

  • Since he took Dana out, its been an awesome ride. Can't figure out why the President sold herself out so badly, but that bit of implausibility aside, these last few weeks have been really good. Hoping the people like Madsen and Prinze, who have big screen cred make it to the end.

  • Like you said earlier TiVoGirl...I'm still waiting for an Aaron Pierce appearance.

  • I think this season has been great. If you think about it, Jack has lost almost everyone he's cared about in some way or another. The vengeful nature of the last 2 episodes makes perfect sense. He's spent his life fighting terrorists, losing his wife, friends, girlfriends and colleagues. He's about to call it quits and be "done" and all the sudden his new love intrest, who he didn't even want to be a PART of the days events, is killed in a horrific way. That alone is enough to send many people over the edge, add to it the fact that the county he's given his LIFE for has decided to let those responsible off the hook. Then, to make matters worse, they decide to cover it UP.

    I think in the end, jack will be remembered as a's ironic but poetic.

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