Review - Robin Hood

By David Schuster


Russell Crowe as Robin Hood

In between morning skate and Friday night's Hawks-Sharks game I went to see Robin Hood. Just like a movie I reviewed earlier this year, "The Wolf Man", Robin Hood has had a multitude of actors portray the fictional character over the years. Errol Flynn was the first joined by Sean Connery, Kevin Costner and Daffy Duck. Yes that Daffy Duck and no I dont mean Carlos Zambrano. Daffy (with Mel Blanc voicing) was in a short animated feature back in the 1950's as the famous archer who made tights famous.

In the latest version of "Robin Hood" Russell Crowe plays the title character and he doesn't come close to wearing tights. In fact if you didn't know better it looks like he was donning the same get up as he did in his first big movie, "Gladiator".
He looks and sounds the same too. Actually lets start with the sound because it takes you at least a half hour to get accustomed to the language and the accents by the actors. Coupled with the verbiage of the 16th century,  I was befuddled to the point of almost being bored because little made sense to me. Then there's the plot which was nothing like any Robin Hood I ever knew. This was actually a prequel to the guy who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor along with his band of merry men.
Ridley Scott was the director and for whatever reason he decided to make this version of Robin Hood begin years before the character did his famous thing. In this flick Robin is a mercenary who fights with the establishment against the French. We do,  of course,  get introduced to all the members of the supporting cast (Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marion...etc) but this was like having a prequel of the Beverly Hillbillies where before they struck oil they were moon shiners in a before life. I mean what the heck? What's the point of totally changing the story that's known to many? Stupid.
Being a Scott movie meant it was high budget with lots of violence and costumes up the you know what. Sorry that didn't do it for me either. And if you're waiting for Robin to do a lot of his fighting out of the forest like we are all used to well I guess you'll have to wait for the sequel which in this instance would be the original. Confusing isn't it. Can you imagine a Tarzan movie where he isn't in the Jungle? Well that's the equivalent of this Robin Hood. And is it me or are you also getting tired of Crowe playing these kind of roles? He has been in some really good movies like "A Beautiful Mind", "L.A. Confidential", "American Gangster" and one of my favorites "Mystery Alaska" but I didn't buy him for one second in this flick.
"Robin Hood" was yet another movie that I was looking forward to only to be let down after seeing it. My rating a run scoring single - one star and a half.

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