Review - An Education

By David Schuster
It took the promise of a very good movie to drag me away from Game 1 of the World Series. Yes I had heard that "The Education" was a finely crafted movie with great performances but little did I think that those adjectives would turn out to be understatements. This is what they call in the movie business a "sleeper". Not all that much attention at first but all it takes is for a few people to like it and quickly the word spreads and BINGO, you have a hit. And not just a hit but rather a home run. In fact call this one a grand slam.

"The Education" is just as it sounds. An education of a young woman into the ways of the world. Sometimes the education is sweet and sometimes it's a sour as a one inning outing by a starting pitcher.

The movie takes place in the early 60's in London and centers around a young woman who hopes to qualify for the prestigious Oxford College. Everything seems to be on path until one day the young woman meets a suave older man. He obviously has designs on her and works his magic by introducing her to a world unknown to her at the time. Fancy cars, exquisite restaurants, champagne and exotic travel soon follow and this girl is smitten. Not so much with the older man but rather with the life that she has now entered.

The young woman is played by Carey Mulligan, a new comer to movies who bursts on the entertainment scene much like Gordon Beckham did with the White Sox this past season. They don't give rookie of the year awards in the movies but if they did she would be a hands down winner. As is,  the Academy will see fit to find some sort of nomination for her whether it's best actress or best supporting actress. Trust me, she was that good. And if you conjure up the images of Audrey Hepburn while watching her you won't be alone.

Young veteran actor, Peter Sarasgaard plays the suave young man who you just know has some secrets in his life that won't be revealed until the very end. You'll definitely guess along and wonder throughout just how will this movie end? And that's the mark of a good movie just as it is in an exciting sporting event. You love the saga as it unfolds but you can't wait to see the finish.

The rest of the ensemble reminded me of the "supporting cast" for Michael Jordan and his "Jordanaires" Everyone doing just enough to make the star shine and make no mistake about it...Mulligan shines.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable movie and one even hardened males would like. It had a little bit of everything: incredible acting, intrigue, good looking performers and an ending that makes for good banter. And best yet, I got home in time to see the end of the baseball game. What an enjoyable night of entertainment!

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