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This entry is a few days late.  Think of it like a make up for a rainout.  Or in our case, a flood out,  Here is the proof. 

Before I begin the discussion, a friend asked if I could explain the show.  I said, "How much time do you have?"  To which he replied, "Not that much."

As a public service, I found the YouTube video that encapsulates Seasons One through Five in (ironically)  eight minutes and fifteen seconds.  LOST fans know that numbers are a big deal on the show.

The latest installment of LOST - "Across the Sea" answered a boatload of questions that have been gnawing at viewers for a number of seasons.  First and foremost who were "Adam" and "Eve" that Jack discovered in episode six - "House of the Rising Sun" in Season One.  We also see them briefly in Season Six - "Lighthouse" episode, as Hurley ponders whether they arrived at the caves via time travel.  But now we know it's "Mother" and the Man in Black's original body.

Allison Janney plays Mother, who it turns out was Jacob predecessor, and taught him all the island secrets.  She also made a point of showing Jacob how the island other inhabitants were greedy and evil. She had the best line of the show, "every question I answer will only lead to another question."  Reminds me of Professor Kingsfield and his "Socratic" method from "The Paper Chase."

MiB wants off the island, so he goes to live with the others.  They discover the unusual magnetic properties of the island so "Mother" kills them all.  MiB doesn't like that and promptly kills Mother. No bad deed goes unpunished, so Jacob drags him to the lake with the cave of glowing yellow light and tosses him in there.  This lead to the creation of the smoke monster.  Smokey leaves MiB's body behind so Jacob takes them both to the cave.

There seemed to be a big split among forum fans on this episode, but I liked it very much.  Some people missed the LOST regulars, but this story had to be told, I'm sure to answer those very questions, and set up the last two episodes

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