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Unlike today's sports teams that have computerized scouting reports and armies of assistants to break down opposing teams, I have but my three reporter's notebook pages of notes to guide my analysis of last night's "LOST."  Well, occasionally, I sneak a peek at Doc Jensen's column on for inspiration, as well as to know that I won't ever pen an article of the encyclopedic length and breadth the he does. 

John Locke

Anyways, it was back to the future last night as several of the island departed returned to pay their respects to our losties in the sideways timeline.  Mila Furlan revisited us as Danielle Rousseau, who invites Dr. (don't call me Mister) Ben Linus to dinner.  Michelle Rodriguez reprises her fast and furious role as LA policewoman Ana-Lucia Cortez.  This time she's a cop for hire as part of Desmond's plot to reunite all the sideways 815'ers for his yet undetailed plan to rectify the universe. 

There were a few other homages to the series. 
At the top of the show we saw another close up shot of Jack eye opener
that began the entire series and been used a few other times throughout
the series. We also saw Jack sewing up Kate's wound in a role reversal
to Kate stitching up Jack's wounds in the show pilot.  The other piece
of symbolism that caught my scout's eye was the sight of several washed
up life jackets from the destroyed sub.

So now we're down to the Final Four of candidates.  North Carolina,
Kansas, Kentucky, and Duke.  Oh, I'm sorry - I meant Jack, Kate, Sawyer,
and Hurley, who are told by Jacob, "You were all looking for something
that you couldn't find out there.  I choose you because you needed this
place as much as it needed you."  It truly is like taking the last shot
in the big game. Does that make Jack Kobe Bryant or Derek Jeter, because
he so eagerly stepped up to the plate at clutch time? 

Speaking of Kobe - look for a cameo on tonight's "Modern Family."

I'm still confused as to where Ben Linus' loyalty lies.  After asking
Ilana for a chance to redeem himself, he saddled up to Flocke and shot
Charles Widmore, who professed that Jacob came to him and asked him to
save the island.  This show has taken on a true Shakespearean form. 

The blogosphere seemed to take an overall positive view of this
episode.  I suppose it was because we got all our main characters back
again.  More questions were answered.  Jack accepted the job of
Jacob/island savior/secretary of defense.  It sets up for the grand
finale, game seven, and we don't even have to wait a full week.  On
Saturday the network will air the Pilot again.  Sunday at 7 ET/6 CT
catch a wrap up of the whole show.  That's like trying to encapsulate
Michael Jordan's career in a short highlight film.  Then comes the
two-and-a half hour finale.  If you still haven't had enough, uber-fan
Jimmy Kimmel has a televised after-party.

Best lines: (and there were quite a few)  Miles: I lived in these houses
thirty years ago - otherwise known as last week!

Ben: I used that to summon the monster, before I realized it was the
monter summoning me.

Miles: Those are great plans, but I'm going with survival.  If you need
us, we'll be running through the jungle.  [cue Creedence music]

Alex (to Ben:) You got one look like Napoleon.

Flocke (after slitting Zoe's throat:) You told her not to talk to me,
and that made her pointless. [that was the "Zombie Kill of the Week"]



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  • Thank you to the writers of LOST for bringing a sense of spirituality back to viewers, which has clearly been needed for too long. From the posts I have read today, looks to me like some people were rattled or even startled by the ending. Are these the ones who are really LOST spiritually? The last ten minutes had me captivated and gave me comfort in knowing that at least two other people (the writers of the last episode) have a similar view of the events leading up to life's end. I am concerned for those who did not like the final 12-15 minutes of the show. When Jack's dad appeared back from the dead, if that did not send chill bumps up your spine or bring a tear to your eye, then it is DEFINATELY time for a change in your life. Forget about the rest of the episodes and the monsters, etc. The focus was on faith, forgiveness, love, peace and tranquility last night. All who watched should have been touched.

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