Monday Afternoon QB - Flash Forward, V, and More Ramblings

Hiya Friends,

Another dreary, manic, cool, overcast, (fill in the blank) Monday afternoon.  All the errands are done, emails sent, and I finally got caught up on as much TV as I can cram in for today's musings.  Thank goodness for DVR's.  If not, I'd be hopelessly behind in viewing my favorite, as well as shows I feel compelled to watch, so you don't have to. 

Flash Forward

A couple of articles mentioned that "Flash Forward" was going to be on the network chopping block.  That would be too bad, but not surprising since it has a time slot and a scheduling day that makes about as much sense as Boston blowing a 3-0 series lead to Philly and getting zapped (like the SyFy pun?) out of the NHL playoffs.   It's on at 7 PM CT, when it should really be on 9 PM.  It can't get any lead in audience, unlike "V" which will talk about later in this column, which gets a big boost from "LOST," which precedes it. What is the point of having it on the same night as "Gray's Anatomy" (also known as hot young docs who can't keep their hands off each other) and "Private Practice," which should be called - "Pathetic Practice." That show is about as bad as the Houston "we have a problem" Astros.

Why not put FF on Tuesdays?  Oops - can't do that - we have "Dancing with the Stars."  Sorry FF, we'll just hang you out to dry. Could be worse, I suppose. At least it's not on Saturdays.  I don't even know what airs on Saturday.  Super-Nanny-WifeSwap-Wipeout-20/20???  Good luck trying to catch up on the show.  They only have a backlog of five episodes on both ABC and

Anyways, here's the FF recap. 
It is the day before D-day (April 29th) when all the flash forwards are
supposed to come true.  Double agent Janis Hawk is told to kill agent
Benford. Simon has gone into hiding, and meets "The Big Guy," Lucas
Hellinger, whom we last saw when he kidnapped Simon and Lloyd.  Janis
instead offers to deliver Gabriel McDow, played by another Battlestar
alum - James Callis (Gaius Baltar) who does have an uncanny resemblance
to Agent Benford.  The FBI set up a sting and nab Hellinger, who
amazingly has time to delete his hard drive.  Mark finally figures out
Janis is playing both sides and she fesses up to being tired of the
double life.  Underground Aaron has managed to run around Afghanistan mostly unnoticed
and find the secret base where his daughter is captive.  He makes a
daring rescue, kills one hostile and takes another hostage.  Two more
episodes to go, sadly, they are likely to be last the two ever.  Well.
it won't be the first time a network killed a good drama.


Lastly, one more trip to outer space. Juliet, er I mean Lisa the "V,"
has her legs broken by Anna and roughed up to frame the Fifth Column for
her injuries.  She identifies Kyle Hobbes as one of her two attackers,
along with Lawrence Parker, a scientist working with a think tank. 
Agent Evans discovers that he has invented an algae that affects
amphibians, and presumably reptiles.  V leader Anna uses the attack to
make a huge spectacle and plays upon uber-reporter Chad Decker's
sympathy for public outcry in support.  I'm still trying to figure out
how Erica manages to be a Fifth Column leader, FBI agent, and mom
without getting noticed. At the show ends, we see that Anna's soldier
eggs are about to hatch and Hobbes meets with Anna's number two - Marcus
in an effort to trade Parker's hard drive for whatever dirt the V's
have on him. That and a big pile of cash.

I still wish that FF and V would swap time slots.  That would help FF,
and give V is proper due.  Oh, well a good week ahead with two more "24"
and "LOST" left.

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