Future Shock - the "Flash Forward" Finale

Mark Benford

A quick trip to TiVo land this morning to watch the season, and presumably series ending for FF. In the magic world of television, especially when hatched from the same folks who brought you Disneyland and Toy Story - all things come true.  Our unsuspecting or perhaps expecting characters are seeing all their FF's come true.  Tracy, left for dead in Afghanistan still had a weak pulse and was revived by the doctor. 

Run, Keiko, Run -   Japanese mom created a scene at the airport so Keiko could go find Bryce.  They don't even want to let him in the restaurant until another waitress figures out who he is.  Keiko is literally sprinting the last mile to make it on time.

Meanwhile back at the FBI - Mark Benford races into the FBI HQ despite the fact that the bomb squad have cleared the building.  Wedeck and the other FBI agent go in to save Benford.  How dumb is that?  They are taking on a heavily armed paramilitary unit.  This is where it gets a little hokey. 

Meanwhile Janis and Demitri take Simon to the accelerator lab so he can figure out how to stop the next blackout. 

It is unsuccessful as we see it happening.  People are flash forwarding to January 1, 2015, and the show ends with an Charlie saying, "They found him."

We may never know who she is referring to, as the show is unlikely to be renewed.

Please, someone at FOX, wake up and take this show.  Put it on after "Fringe," please!


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