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Flash Forward

Watching Flash Forward last night was kind of bittersweet.  It's a lot like knowing a good friend is moving out of town in a week.  You promise to keep in touch, but know that you won't.  I guess that's how die-hard basketball fans felt in Seattle with the imminent departure of the Sonics.

As we approach that start of D-day (when all the flash forwards are supposed to come true) we find Benford interrogating Lucas Hellinger, who tells him that all possible futures lead to his death (not exactly comforting.)  Demitri, like an idiot, tells his fiance that he slept with Janis to enable her baby timetable.  So predictably Zoey tells him she's going to Hawaii alone.  Then Detective Noh turns up a Janis' place to find her with Simon. Inexplicably, he agrees to help them infiltrate the supercollider to find out more about another blackout.  Poor Aaron who was so happy to find and save his daughter, only to see her die.  Apparently, she witnessed a blackout test by Jericho.

That's why I like this show so much, because it always kept me guessing.  Stay tuned for next week's big finale, which is probably the last we'll see of Agent Benford,et al.  Bummer.

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