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part one of two
By TiVoGirl

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Keifer Sutherland bids farewell as Jack Bauer (for now)

It's been 8 years (or 9 if you count the lost year of the writer's strike) since I have been following every episode and nuance that is 24 and the complex character that is Jack Bauer.  He is a man who knows who he is, what he believes in, and what he has to do to make sure nothing changes.   He is a man concerned more about the world around him and his commitment to keeping it safe and its values strong than any concern he has for himself. Last season when he was questioned as to what he could do, by President Taylor, his response to her was "With all due respect, Madame President, Ask Around."  In the finale he sends a message to her and states "that's who I am."  Whatever else you say about Jack Bauer he is true to himself above all else.  It is his fatal flaw.  

It was a pleasure to see this season start out with a "happy" Jack just
as he was at the start of Season One.  I so hoped the season and the
series would end on the same note.  To that end I am very disappointed. 
It seems like the ending was done as a segue to the movie instead of a
true ending for the series. 

Throughout all eight seasons I just kept thinking "someone needs to give
this man a hug."  His relationships were always brief and always ended
badly - many in the demise of his significant other.  Even his one true
friendship ended badly (Tony).  In that sense, at least he finally found
the one person who always stood by him no matter what - Chloe O'Brian. 
His last scene with her was raw with honesty and emotion and even
though we end with another injured and exiled Jack - it was a Jack who
at least found some comfort in the fact that there was one person who
always had his back, no matter what, and will always be there for him. 
But again - any time Jack finds any comfort with anyone it is taken away
- he gives Chloe one last look and he is back on the road again -
alone.  Chloe's final words - "Shut It Down" go as much to the series as
it does to Jack shutting down again, as to killing camera feed from the
CTU drones.

Presidential Demise - great acting and scenes with President Taylor and
President Logan.  Both realized what had to be done, and took the
consequences of their actions.  Gregory Itzin's performance was amazing
and my vote goes for him for the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor.  We
loved to watch him - even though he was a spineless and despicable
character. If only we knew what happened to Martha!!!

Kudos to Kiefer - when you look back on the series you have to look back
on the performance of Kiefer Sutherland and how he made this character
into something bigger than just a part of a TV series cast.  His
intensity and at times subtlety with the character made Jack Bauer
appear real, and he has become part of the American culture - a sort of
anti-hero.  His methods may be brutal and terrifying, but the man behind
them has courage and conviction, and only a great actor can portray
this.  The performances were never out of character or over the top and
the audience really came to understand this man and relate to his
tortured soul. 

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