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Teens,Twentysomethings Suicide Is Just Not The Answer

Within the last few days there has been two suicides by young people in the news. They were happy by all accounts, accomplishing and “had it all together” to outsiders. Both were 29 years old, and now both are dead. Why? We ask this question and we think we might know the answers, lost love, ... Read more »

Attention NRA: Keep Sasha and Malia's Names Out Of Your Mouth

And all other bullies who think it’s open season to pick on children. These young girls have been targeted since the President was running for election the first time. I have actually read articles critizing the clothes these young girls were wearing, and one actually made disparaging remarks about the older daughter’s gait because she’s... Read more »

2013 Be Kinder Than The Last Weeks Of 2012

My first “no holds barred” rant, hoping I’m allowed at least one. Please 2013 no more funerals for 6-7 year old children killed in their school, on a peaceful Friday morning. To  the gun enthusiast, keep your high powered, semi automatic rifles, at your own risk, keep in mind those same rifles, can be used... Read more »