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Politics and the religious right

There was a time when the advent of a new election season would be welcomed months in advance, or years if you were waiting to elect your leaders into the system. Political junkies (proud of my addiction), probably start the moment the other party swears to protect and defend the Constitution on a cold January... Read more »

Vying For The White House: One Candidate Vs. Many Candidates

Since this was first published in April, one other Democratic candidate has joined the race for President. Plus the many Republicans that has jumped in  every other day since then. The idea of one lone candidate for President of these United States versus a contingent of many with more joining in every week seems a... Read more »

Boomer's Views : Therapeutic Cleansing

These are this Boomer’s opinions most having been bottled up for much too long. Feeling I’m in a small minority on most of these ideas, please allow me this free therapy session. After telling others how cathartic it is to let it all out, here goes. SUICIDE: The most cowardly act any parent can commit.... Read more »

Don't Call It Obamacare, And A Lot More Would Get On Board

What’s in a name, quite a bit we’ve found out. The Government is shutdown, bully for you if you had a hand in this bumbling fiasco. To all the tea party Republicans, having a few second thoughts? Now you would want to allow the parks to reopen, it hit a little too close to home,... Read more »

Grab That Binder Full Of Women

Who knew I would be trying to get the ear of the Republicans so soon after my last imploring. The debt crisis looms over our heads, some United States Senators from both sides of the aisle have approved an amendment to accelerate the withdrawal of our troops from Afighanistan. This is important stuff. Yet the Conservatives... Read more »