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This President and The Lunatic Fringe

This man can not be President again. Hello dear conservatives, this is my second plea to you in this year alone. You haven’t been a good student, and you don’t play well with others. And by others, I mean anyone you consider “other”. That’s just one of the things this President Of The United States... Read more »

GOP No More Clown Car Of Candidates

The President said it best last night in his SOTU address, we want “A Better Politics”. That’s all a lot of us want in these last two years as the country gears toward a Presidential election, we’ve got a little time yet, but it’s never too early to get a few priorities in place. There... Read more »

Attention NRA: Keep Sasha and Malia's Names Out Of Your Mouth

And all other bullies who think it’s open season to pick on children. These young girls have been targeted since the President was running for election the first time. I have actually read articles critizing the clothes these young girls were wearing, and one actually made disparaging remarks about the older daughter’s gait because she’s... Read more »