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My Friend voted for the other side : an update

It was just a few weeks after the most historical Presidential election in many lifetimes, that I spoke with one of my best  friends about what happened. It was during that casual of conversations like so many we have had down through the years, that he told me he had indeed voted for the opposite... Read more »

My Friend voted for the other side, now what?

“No, I never lost any friends during the election, we were all on the same page.” That was a portion of my response to an online question posted after the election, “Did You Lose Friends Because of This Election?” There were lot’s of such soul searching, “what just happened” moments all over social media after... Read more »

GOP No More Clown Car Of Candidates

The President said it best last night in his SOTU address, we want “A Better Politics”. That’s all a lot of us want in these last two years as the country gears toward a Presidential election, we’ve got a little time yet, but it’s never too early to get a few priorities in place. There... Read more »

It's Getting Hot In Here

The days are going so fast, no more debates, well that could be a good thing. Just frantic campaigning, baby kissing, voices strained. I think it’s come up too fast. Desperation is prevalent, when Halloween trick or treaters are threatened with “no candy for you if dressed as Barack Obama”.The vitriol is beyond scary when... Read more »