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Letters To A New Mom: Don't Go it Alone

With Mothers Day, the best man made holiday just days away, we have been asked to join in on writing a letter to new Moms. Not too challenging we all have some advice to share, other Moms, Dads, never Moms,  about to be Moms. So much so I wrote my own version of advice to... Read more »

An Open Letter to Young Moms

Boy, have Moms been maligned lately, working Moms against stay at home Moms, hovering Moms, too permissive Moms. Breast feeding in public, and waiting too long to wean. Sleeping in the bed with the parents, versus sleeping down the hall with a monitor. No matter which camps the Mom falls in, there are lot’s of... Read more »

Attention NRA: Keep Sasha and Malia's Names Out Of Your Mouth

And all other bullies who think it’s open season to pick on children. These young girls have been targeted since the President was running for election the first time. I have actually read articles critizing the clothes these young girls were wearing, and one actually made disparaging remarks about the older daughter’s gait because she’s... Read more »