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Presidential Library, Hawaii Here We Come

President and Mrs. Obama will be making a big decision soon, where to build the Presidential Library. Although there are a few places that would love to call this edifice home, some choices are completely off the mental grid. New York City ! Are you kidding me? Sorry, I just don’t see the connection unless... Read more »

Boys Of Summer : What The Jackie Robinson West Team Showed Us

“That’s What We Do” – Head Coach Darold Butler Of The JRW Little League Team  August 23, 2014   What the JRW team showed us this summer we were eagerly waiting to see. Some events this summer will go down in the annals of history, most Americans were not happy to see. The tragedies, that usually mark the... Read more »

Chicago's Mayor and Police Commissioner, Have You Made Any Plans For This Summer?

The temperatures will be climbing slowly in the next couple of weeks, and what a welcome relief that will be. This has been an exceptional winter with brutally cold weather, and record breaking snow falls. Everyone is waiting for that first real warm spring day. Plans are being made either mentally, or very definite. If... Read more »

Ten Percent Fewer Murders This Year !

The Chicago Police Superintendent announced yesterday that murders in the city are 10% lower this year, than last year.  This weekend murder toll was 3, they are calculating these homicides for Saturday and Sunday.  However, this was a  holiday weekend, with 4 days! The unlucky blokes that happened to get killed on Thursday and Friday, are not amomg the statistics touted... Read more »