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woman-watching-tv-1This is my annual list of TV shows that's bound to get you scratching your head, wondering why I don't stick to my usual political harangue.

Although my track record has been less than stellar in the past, (remember Downward Dog), never fear no one else does either, I press on.

With all the mayhem, disasters and the constant denigrating of each other consuming all our waking hours we need a diversion now more than ever.

So here goes my list of the fall TV shows you should maybe see.

1. TEN DAYS IN THE VALLEY, starring Kyra Sedgwick as a TV crime producer whose child is kidnapped. Although this Mother is a little flawed just like I like my heroes, (heroines) she's more interesting and layered. Also starring Malcolm -Jamal Warner, he's not Theo Huxtable any more.

2. CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM is back, we like a mean-spirited, loud mouth septuagenarian just not in the WH, you knew I couldn't hold out too long.Larry David hasn't missed a beat.

3.WILL AND GRACE is also back, one of my favorites before this reincarnation, the humor at times seems forced and more physical. But you just gotta love these TV history making characters.

4.9JKL interfering parents living next door to their newly single son, this can practically write itself. With legendary talents Linda Lavin,and Elliott Gould.

5.THE MAYOR how improbable is this, an unqualified novice surprising everyone,including himself winning an election no one expected him to win. Well at least he can rap.

6.WHITE FAMOUS behind the scenes look at the workings of promoting a Black comedian destined to "crossover" to mainstream stardom. Also starring Jamie Foxx.

7. PROJECT RUNWAY normally I wouldn't recommend a reality show, however this season of the award winning fashion competition has as much drama and backstabbing as any scripted TV. And the designers are pretty talented too.

8.KEVIN (PROBABLY) SAVES THE WORLD, I love the talented Jason Ritter, playing Kevin.But I'm betting he probably doesn't save it.

Never Want To See TV
1. DYNASTY if you saw the original, these youngsters could never pull hair or fall into a pool like Joan Collins and Linda Evans.

2.THE GOOD DOCTOR could never surpass the original Doogie Howser, M.D.

3.YOUNG SHELDON seems mean and patronizing to his siblings and peers, nobody likes a smartypants.

4.LAW & ORDER TRUE CRIME:THE MENENDEZ MURDERS if you lived through the original murder and trial, you can do without this reenactment. Plus the brothers' wigs are horrendous.

This is my limited and one-sided view of the latest crop of fall TV shows, what's your maybe see or never want to see favs.


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  • We are eager to try 4, 5 and 6! I may give the others a try as I am interested in seeing Theo Huxtable all grown up!

  • All have some good points, be prepared for #6, am I getting to be a prude in my old age? Showtime shows a lot.

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