You can't cover-up history

imagesAfter the tumultuous and sad events these last couple of weeks in Charlottesville, Virginia, precipitated by disagreements over removing statues of the Civil War dead,the powers that be in that town think they have found the solution to the anguish and social unrest.

The city council in it's infinite wisdom has decided to cover the offending statues, one being Robert E. Lee and his galloping steed in a black tarp.

If the city council thought the huge looming black covering would be less intrusive and noticeable they are badly mistaken, the shrouded statue sticks out like the metaphorical sore thumb.

While I don't believe in honoring the side fighting their fellow countrymen over the right to own, and keep slaves, I don't believe in whitewashing, or black tarp covering our history either.

My opinion is these statues would be better served and acknowledged in a museum depicting that time with all the other relics of the period.

We should never forget or pretend that those people and their horses did not exist in our country's past.

Some people are embarrassed, some are hurt, some are both.

But it happened.

The same animosity and fears surrounds the flying, waving , flaunting of the confederate flag.

I know I may be the minority within a minority, but that symbol has always meant loss to me.

A constant reminder of deciding to fight against your country, and losing.

The flag, the statues do not garner the intended or expected response in me.

It's OUR history, shared and owned by all of us.

It will never go away, nor should it.

Don't let these symbols of a time long ago, influence so much of our lives today.

Instead let's make better memories and history for our next generation.

Maybe we can start by stopping the hate, stopping the bigotry and stopping the violence.

Big dreams I know but our forefathers had theirs, we can have ours.

Since you can't rewrite or cover it up, how do you love and embrace your history?

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  • At the beginning, I thought getting rid of the statues was overkill. History is history, yadda yadda yadda. Then I realized that there was more to it. How POC felt about them. How they sprung up to re-spin the civil war and tell everyone who was really in charge.

    Finally I realized that I wouldn't miss them if they were gone. And I recognize that is my privilege speaking.

    Maybe we should just replace every civil war statue with a statue of two brothers fighting, one from the North, one from the South.

  • In reply to Michael Messinger:

    The statues and other memorabilia can still be recognized and even "honored" in a museum designated just for that purpose.
    I'll bet many will visit them to learn about our mutual histories.
    The museums would be great as a tourist attraction and school trip destination.
    Thank you for reading and commenting.

  • They should be removed. If a museum wants them, fine. Too much hate in their history.

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    Agree, the museums would serve a useful purpose, a learning tool as well as an added tourist attraction to the cities.
    Many will come because it will be their choice to visit a Civil War museum.
    Life is great when you have choices.
    Thank you for your views, as always.

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