Orphaned or not, kids need a little compassion

HighschoolHallwayswStudentsWe don't see things as they are, we see them as we are. - Anais Nin

One of my favorite all time quotes, I've used it as a guideline in attempting to see others point of view.

Sometimes it has failed me, when honestly I have not walked even a half mile in your shoes, and the degree we may disagree seems insurmountable.

When to me even common logic seems out of bounds.

That's the case with the incident in South Carolina a teenage girl is seen in the video being flipped out of her chair, and tossed across the floor by a male uniformed officer.

My point of reference is I was once a teenage girl in the south, this reference seems so long ago, because it was.

It sometimes feels like a movie I may have watched, and can only remember certain plot twists.

But it is true and just because my memory is faulty at best, I see that teenage girl sitting in her classroom.

In my classroom so long ago there were no camera phones or resource officers.
We respected and obeyed our teachers and administrators, after all that is exactly what we were taught at home.

Flash ahead to this present time, when the teacher feels so impotent and ineffectual that another person is called in to assist with a "problem" in the classroom.

This "problem" was on her cell phone after she was told to put it away.

This young girl has been alleged to have been recently orphaned and living in a foster home.

There are now doubts if any of this is true.

But does that in way change the perspective?

Undoubtedly there are issues this young girl is facing that has been compounded by the inaction of the teacher and the actions of the overly aggressive resource officer.

No one wins.

Just take a step back and try a little tenderness with all our children, those in stable loving families, and those on the fringes hanging on.

These are difficult times and what may appear so easy to see and narrate may be entirely different when looking through they eyes of another.

A little compassion can go a long way.

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