Vying For The White House: One Candidate Vs. Many Candidates

1681238-poster-white-house-pettitions-main Since this was first published in April, one other Democratic candidate has joined the race for President. Plus the many Republicans that has jumped in  every other day since then.

The idea of one lone candidate for President of these United States versus a contingent of many with more joining in every week seems a little disjointed.

It's hard to believe that this will be a fair contest.

Anyone who thinks that this should be a coronation, or the inevitability of this one candidate is missing an important point.

We want a contest between candidates not just seeking their next post or position, but vying for the votes of the people they want to serve and represent.

There is no way this lone Democratic candidate should get votes because, 1. she's a female, 2. she's a Democrat. 3. it's her time.

A valid reason this one candidate should not have to face the full- on attacks by this larger group alone is another candidate would relieve some of the pressure, and maybe have less baggage for the opposition to question.

The Republicans has attacked the Democratic candidate from the frivolous, ordering lunch in a Chipotle restaurant with sunglasses on, her pantsuits, hairstyles, and her Grandmother-hood to the questionable, Benghazigate, emailgate and now Clinton Foundation moneygate.

These accusations are not going away, we will be exposed to the charges, accusations and the inevitable investigations for months.

The voters need candidates who will talk about the many issues facing this country, the world, and it's people.

We don't need one large group questioning the business affairs and integrity of the one other candidate. With their focus on this one lady, we will never hear their ideas, and plans for this country. The accused should have her business so tight there are no strings that can become unraveled, she's had years to get it together.

Her time would be better served, laying out her plans and aspirations for the future of America, not playing defense to the latest allegations.

Our wants are quite simple, a fair and evenly matched contest, between patriots who only want the best for their country.

More unsolicited advice, GOP concentrate on your ideas for this country, run your campaigns with dignity and respect for all.

Democrats expand your field, surely there are other viable candidates to make this a real contest.

We deserve no less.

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