NFL More Training Needed: Human Decency 101

The NFL missed a golden opportunity for their players and especially their females fans. 

There's stats that show a large number of women enjoy the game of football, not just to appease a partner but to truly watch the physicality, strategizing,  and for the pure enjoyment of an action packed game.

Disclaimer, I've been a fan since high school. Sometimes a fair weather fan, frustration can set in if your team/s are in a "those were  dumb plays" losing streak. But loyal fans remain faithful. My admiration for the sport and the players has always been there's "less spitting, adjusting and just standing around time," in this fast moving sport.

Trust us NFL you may have disenfranchised some of your loyal fans both male and female, when you failed to exact a heavier fine and longer suspension time for an abusive player.

The player who was seen on video camera dragging his unconscious then fiancée out of an elevator should have been made an example of by your organization, and taught a valuable lesson.

Mr. Goodell had the opportunity to show his athletes in the prime of their playing years that violence against women will NEVER be tolerated.

Whether you're a six figure super star on the field or the average Joe watching the game in his recliner abusing a woman should never be brushed under the rug, or dismissed with glowing tributes to the playing abilities of the abuser, or his intrinsic value to the team.

Along with hitting a woman abusing steroid and other performance enhancing drugs should be met with heavy fines not just a slap on the tush, and an automatic suspension for the season.

It's called a punishment  Mr. Commissioner, it should be swift and unwavering.

We're hoping decisive actions on your part will be a deterrent for future abusers.

We've seen stiffer fines opposed for less severe charges.

While some offenses your players have been  punished for are legal under certain circumstances, we're praying abusing a woman, or your fellow teammate will never be accepted.

Abuse of any kind should never be excused not from a talking head sports pundit, or the rank and file of the NFL. 







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