Unreal Reality Stars, LeAnn Rimes, The Jacksons: Messy, Messier

8406774-vector-illustration-of-family-watching-retro-tv-setAgain a new round of reality shows are on tap to show the sight of women jumping over tables to fight each other.

Exposing their children to the constant glare of a TV camera, showing the audience their most personal family interactions.

My most rant inducing subject besides Chicago's political firestorms has been the airing of dirty laundry, shown on these reality TV shows.

Does the cable networks believe the person who has been betrayed and cheated on by their partner will have warm and fuzzy feelings for the country singer and her newly acquired husband, who were both married to others, and had an affair while filming a made for TV movie.

Yeah their honest and perfect love should capture a large audience of  deceived, divorced and never married people, who may think they should keep a lower profile, and not flaunt to the world that cheating can lead to a reality show.

Some just may not want to see it now.

Maybe after the loving couple meet in Divorce Court, where a large number of reality marriages end.  Or after some other legal entanglements,  we could watch the proceedings in Federal or Criminal Court.

The Jacksons are on the schedule for the fall TV season. This harmonious family consisting of the Mother of 4 , the former wife of 2 of the Jacksons brothers, her children are brothers and sisters, and cousins to each other.

Usually this convoluted coupling would be relegated to the hush, hush family secret, not talked about variety, instead of the public airing of this very messy family dynamics.

This group not adverse to living their lives in the spotlight, should not expose us or the troubled Jackson children to more public scrutiny.

I believe the money paid to these families must be very lucrative, but it can't be worth the damage  that could be done to the already fragile psyche of being a Jackson.

Of course there are other varieties of reality shows that might be worth watching, those not involving children, or illicit affairs where others could be harmed.

They're ALL guilty pleasures, an easy cop-out, I sometimes use this to justify my own viewing habits.

So there is a market for these shows, just be forewarned watching reality shows can lead to the destruction of much needed brain cells.

Watch at your own risk.


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