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Unreal Reality Stars, LeAnn Rimes, The Jacksons: Messy, Messier

Again a new round of reality shows are on tap to show the sight of women jumping over tables to fight each other. Exposing their children to the constant glare of a TV camera, showing the audience their most personal family interactions. My most rant inducing subject besides Chicago’s political firestorms has been the airing of dirty laundry,... Read more »

Cops Say 6 of 10 Gun Victims Had Gang Ties, What About The Other 4?

On the editorial page of a Chicago newspaper it was proudly announced the city’s homicide rate was the lowest since 1963. Now on the surface that sounds like “good news”, however recent disclosures has revealed that sometimes the real numbers of homicide victims has been lowered. Obvious murders, like the young lady after being missing for several months, was found... Read more »