The Handsome Crook Is Getting It In, Way to Keep It Classy People

46_convicted2The Urban Dictionary/ getting it in

2- To advance your way to an upper level/ advancing your swag

How do you try to explain the viral explosion on the internet of a felon's mug shot? Well you could start with it's a sign of the times.

A sad time, but very indicative of where we are, pretty sells.

The Californian's picture has exploded across the internet in rapid speed, accompanied by money to help in his defense from starry eyed, drooling women and I'll wager, some men too.

The latest news, is that some modeling agencies, are prepared to offer the crook a contract once he is released.

What with photo shopping those pesky neck and face tats can be easily erased.

We're hoping this is just one of the fake stories that has surfaced, surrounding this madness.

Marriage proposals, and vows of undying devotion from those who have promised to wait for the ex-con has been received.

The fact that he is a married father of two, has little or no effect on the amount of attention and love heaped on this thief. One article said he'll steal your heart, and your iPod.

The bad boy has always been an attraction, the non-conformist, the danger, walking on the wild side.

But there comes a time, we hope when the realities of life hit's home.

To the people putting money on the crooks' book, reality is in the far off distance.

Hasn't our standards evolved?  To some clearly, no.

I'm sure there are one or two convicts who would relish getting just a portion of the thousands of letters and cards the convicted cutie receives everyday.

What a teachable moment for your children, he looks good but what about his character?

Good luck with that, it'll be a hard sell if Mom and possibly Dad are sending love notes to prison.


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