Veterans Hospital Debacle Is Not Benghazi

rotate_Hines_340x210This year's Memorial Day celebration is over, flags have flown, speeches have been made and cemeteries all over this country have been visited by loved ones.

All this amid a rapidly growing VA hospital scandal.

There has always been allegations of slow service, long wait times in overcrowded waiting rooms, even rude and aloof staff. I had written this off as the patient wanting to be taken care of quickly, and efficiently as they should, but I knew the Veterans hospitals were overcrowded, and possibly understaffed trying to accommodate all our returning service men and women.

The veterans I know are from the war in Vietnam,  they fought in a war few thought was a reasonable conflict,  protests and anti war demonstrations were everywhere,  popular songs were written about this war.

Yet these returning soldiers were met with animosity and jeers, no big welcome home parades,  they NEVER heard the words, "thank you for your service".

I never understood the reason for the vitriol they had to endure,  after all these soldiers had few options, they were drafted into the military to fight in a war most did not believe in.

So to now hear that veterans are deliberately being denied the timely appointments and treatments they need and deserve is unconscionable.

These are diabolic acts to boost the numbers of patients that were actually being seen,  the lie and cover up is the worst.

While I've always been on Team Obama (no secret) this is a real crisis that demands complete disclosures. The previous administration is said to have proof that they advised the incoming administration that the numbers submitted by the VA  were questionable.

We never expected the Bush/ Cheney team to help with veterans issues for obvious reasons,  but this new incoming administration had campaigned for veterans rights and transparency,  among other hot button topics.

So while some like Fox News,  and those hoping to keep their Senate and Congressional seats were desperate for a scandal, the tragedy in Benghazi is NOT it.

We welcome investigations into the VA accusations,  and not just pointing fingers, concrete improvements and full disclosures to solve a real problem.



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