Letters To A New Mom: Don't Go it Alone

With Mothers Day, the best man made holiday just days away, we have been asked to join in on writing a letter to new Moms.

Not too challenging we all have some advice to share, other Moms, Dads, never Moms,  about to be Moms.

So much so I wrote my own version of advice to new moms in a post published a few months ago.


My advice still holds today, new Moms you have one job, and that's taking care of your children.

No pressure, just fact.

Ideally, you will not be a very young Mother, you would have gotten an education, lived a bit, had fun a bit,  and finally met the person, you would want to settle down with, forge a family with.

My consummate advice is choose wisely the person who will co-parent your precious children with you.

I think much depends on that choice. Your relationship might not last the test of time, but the Father you have chosen, will be your children's other parent, forever.

Protect your children, at all cost. They have no voice. Every decision must be made with your children's best interest in mind.

Don't go it alone, that other parent actually has an equal right to every aspect of your child as you.

Another reason making the right choice is paramount.

Also, listen to all advice given, believe me you'll get plenty.

Just learn how to accept what's best for you, and your family.  One size does NOT fit all.

Trust your instincts, it's a natural phenomenon to be a Mom, as an old Doo Wop song goes, "That's The Way Nature Planned It" .

Lastly enjoy being a Mom, it can be so much fun, smile even when it's not.

You can do this, millions have before you, and many will after you, be ready with your own sage advice.

Good luck,  and God's Blessings.




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