Unemployment, Lack Of Education, "The Man", Not Reasons For weekend Violence

CTFL shooting10.JPG The forecast for this past weekend was warm and sunny.

Saturday, the temperature climbed to over 70 degrees, the highest it had been in six months.

Six long  bitterly cold  and snowy months,  some thought the question, "where is spring"? had finally been answered.

The hibernation was  finally suspended, what a great day to go out and do whatever you wanted, the warm weather and bright sunshine could only help.

Also, as predicted the warm weather brought out violence.

The numbers were shocking when you first heard them, we hadn't heard numbers that high since the last warm weekend.

The only saving grace was Sunday's temperatures nosedived, in some areas it was as cold and foggy as old London town.

Only one day to wreck havoc on fellow human beings.

There is no doubts had we experienced two days of springtime, the numbers wounded and killed would have been higher.

What reason could one human being have, to go out and hunt another human being?

Certainly the weather couldn't be the only factor.

Almost on cue Monday morning, an influential, highly regarded religious leader had reasons.

This man with the microphone in his face  said the high unemployment numbers, coupled with a lagging educational system, plus feelings of being disenfranchised, code word "the man" were reasons enough.

To that I say "are you kidding me"?

Everybody who  may have felt the ramifications of this economic tsunami does not feel the need to go out and gun down another person, who may be experiencing the same or worst obstacles in their own lives.

The weekend the daytime highs only reached the mid-teens, fewer people were murdered.

So the lack of education is only felt on warmer days ?

The Chicago Police Commissioner offered another reason for the high numbers of shooting in one weekend, the proliferation of guns on the streets.

Now that's a plausible reason.

There should be tougher gun laws in place, with stiffer penalties for unlawful gun possessions.

Make it easier to vote, than to get a gun.

Electing legislators with that mindset would be a step in the right direction.

Until then community leaders,  stop making excuses for the senseless killings in your neighborhoods.

The warm weather hasn't started yet, the killers don't need justification for their actions.

They need guidance from PARENTS, teachers, and religious spokespersons.

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